The Flock

GenOvis (Canada performance sheep program) average for 2018 Codan Breeding Lambs is 28.360 (For Carcass Index). Our data contains 2950 animals to date.

Results back from Footrot gene-marker test for 2012. (See Certificate page for explanation]  Results come back from New Zealand every year on the Cold Tolerance Tests on our studs used. We are part of the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program (SFCP) Phase I, Level Certified November 2009 First Suffolk flock to be certified in all of Canada

In 2018 we decided to drop the Canadian voluntary scrapie program due to the large increase to the breeder on this return and no apparent financial return. We do still test the codons on our stud rams that we are using.

Thirty Ewes and three rams have died, or ordered put down on our farm since we entered this program and the heads (brains) have been tested for scrapie
Results ALL negative  (Scrapie Free)

The Codan flock started when the first year that breeders could test their flocks for Maedi-Visna.  This flock had every Adult animal for three complete tests as the program managed all negative. After another test, the fourth all were still negative. Since we could meet OIE rules on being a completely closed flock we would only have to test adult animals at only ten percent of the flock.  We decided to drop out of the Ontario M-V group and test our 10% We have been doing this for years and again in 2018 with only 10% random selection for 2018 was all negative. The samples were drawn by our veterinarian and sent to University of Guelph. Bill has been a director of the U.S.A. OPP Concerned Sheep Breeders Society.   

Breeder of ram lamb, KXK 27W with Highest Growth & Maternal Index 2009 of 5.21 & 5.90 Ontario Sheep Flock Improvement Program (SFIP) Breeder of ram lamb, KXK 13U with Highest Growth & Maternal Index 2008 of 5.68 & 6.07 Ontario Sheep Flock Improvement Program (SFIP) Breeder of ram lamb, KXK 15U on August 2009 became the first place ram under elite/top rams for all of Canada @ Breeder of ram lamb, KXK 79T with Highest Growth & Maternal Index 2007 of 5.31 & 5.51 Ontario Sheep Flock Improvement Program (SFIP) Breeder of ram lamb, KXK 69S with Highest Growth Index 2006 of 4.02 Ontario Sheep Flock Improvement Program (SFIP) Codan 33R (420KXK2005050033) was a nominated ram for research in Australia in 2006 by Sheep Genetics Australia. Breeder of Ewe lamb with Highest Growth, & Terminal Index 2005 Ontario Sheep Flock Improvement Program (SFIP) Breeder of Ram with Highest Maternal, Growth, & Terminal Index 2004 Ontario Sheep Flock Improvement Program (SFIP) 51P ranked 3rd in 2005 National Ram Report without Progeny Codan rams ranked 1st & 2nd in 2005 National report with Progeny

Codan Suffolks had the First Highest ranked Suffolk in "web sires, terminal analysis (15 May 2002 - 15 May 2004)" under Australia's Lambplan. This ram is Codan 33L or listed as 420KXK2001010033. Codan 69M or 420KXK2002020069 (15 April 2003 - 15 July 2006) has exceeded Codan 33L on this list.. Codan 27P (420KXK2004040027) was next on this top 300 overall terminal sire list as of 15 March 2005 - 15 Feb 2006. All the above have departed and 420KXK2005050033/Codan 33R is now on this list with 183.5 Codan 67S is now on this list at 193.2 from 15 July 2007 - 165 August 2007.

Also on the 15 February 2003 and 15 March 2003 Terminal - Top 150 420KXK-2002-020054 was number 1 for female progeny but on 15 April-15 September dropped to second spot with carcase + at 214.60. She is now listed as 214.33 for 15 May 2004. A second female under Dam list, Codan 56M, has a carcase+ of 218.1 on 15 October 2006 (Started as number 1 15 July 2006) . 420KXK-2004-020080 15 October 2005 was at 189.3, and now 15 October 2006 is 199.7. Two more ewes are listed which are 420KXK 2000 000032 and 42 0KXK 2005 050058

In the female progeny 420KXK 2006 060056 has just been listed for June 2006 and is still on this list September 2009. This is also on the Lambplan web site. In September 2004 this list was expanded to the Top 300.

In the top 300 terminal sire list, in the dam section, 15 March 2003 - 15 November 2004, there is a Codan ewe, 420KXK-2002-020060 at 185.9 carcase plus index. A second ewe made this list in March 2004 which was 420KXK2000000056 but in Sept 2005 at 205.5.. April 2004 is a 3rd Ewe 420KXK2003030074 with a 187.15 index, but by December 2007 is now 197.0. We now have 4 ewes listed in the overall terminal section for July 2007.- March 2008. In April 2009 we have only 2 Codan Suffolks in the overall terminal index..

The Male Progeny section of the top overall 300 terminal list 420KXK2005050033 on 15 June 2005 had an index of 209.6 - 15 October 2005 is 208.6. In the revised new system this ram is not on list as of 15 May 2007 is 183.5.

Note: 1 November 2005 started a new Lambplan system called Sheep Genetics Australia. Codan 56M (420KXK2002020056) was the number one ewe in the top 300 overall terminal dam list of Lambplan for the 15 July 2006 - 15 May 2007 data. In June 2007 another ewe took her place but is still in the top 300. December 2009 she still is in top overall 300 list.

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Updated September 21, 2018